Youtube Music gets a Song lyric and Explore Tab

Google’s new music streaming service is getting a couple of new features. There’s a new Explore tab in the YouTube Music app for you to discover more tracks, artists, and trending songs, and you also get song lyrics so that you can sing along to your favorite tunes, very brilliant I must say.

The new functions should become available for both Android and iOS shortly, although this being Google the rollout might take some time to reach every YouTube Music user out there. Still, these new features are at least definitely on the way and we are hopeful that it is coming soonest.

Youtube Music gets a Song lyric and Explore Tab
Youtube Music gets a Song lyric and Explore Tab.

Check out the tweet below:

Both of these features were only available for a small subset of users before, but now they’re finally ready to roll out to everyone. The Explore tab lets you filter singles, albums, and music videos by genre or mood – think ‘chill’ and ‘focus’. There’s also a long list of moods to browse through if you’re feeling adventurous.

Static lyrics are going to be shown in the mobile apps whenever available, but the obvious caveat here is that they aren’t available for all of the content you can find on YouTube Music – not by a long shot. These work whether you’re a free or paid user.



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