WhatsApp to soon allow status sharing to Facebook and Instagram

WhatsApp to soon allow status sharing to Facebook and Instagram

WhatsApp, arguably the world’s number one chatting platform is correctly testing new features in Beta, to roll out in their soon coming updates. One of these features allows users to be able to share their WhatsApp status to Instagram and Facebook stories directly. Also available in the next series of updates is the long awaited night mode, a feature that would help to save the battery life of smartphones especially those with OLED displays and also be easy on the eyes at night.

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WhatsApp is also testing a QR code feature on it’s platform. The new QR code feature will allow users to add contacts to their smartphones by scanning other users WhatsApp QR codes. When this feature is made live each user will be granted a unique QR code that others can scan and add them to their contact lists, just like users can do on WeChat. There are also suggestions that WhatsApp is trying to also protect it’s user’s data by making their profile picture protected. That way, display pictures cannot be downloaded, or taken screenshots of by users.

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