Top Online Payment Apps To Use In Nigeria During This Lockdown

Top Online Payment Apps To Use In Nigeria During This Lockdown

As the Covid-19 induced lockdown stretches from weeks into months and our usual ways of transacting changes, we decided to bring to your knowledge totally safe and top Online Payment Apps To keep you running efficiently through this period

Top Online Payment Apps To Use In Nigeria During This Lockdown.

The potential of the internet and smart phones are changing the world real fast, almost everything is done online now. Sadly, a sizeable number of Nigerians still do not totally trust the online payment options and you cannot really blame anyone, Nigerians have been dealt a tough hand on the internet. It is said that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t and so good number of Nigerians prefer the physical means of payment for electricity, cable bills, rents etc.

The fact that the Covid-19 is changing that perception in a harsh way is a story for another day, right now we are going to tell you about some of the reliable online payments methods that you can trust, not just for now but even after the Pandemic. These Platforms offer a secure, easy and seamless means of making payments requiring nothing but a smartphone or laptop and your debit/credit cards to be able to work properly.



Paga payment
Paga Payment

Launched in 2011, Paga is a phone-based payment platform that allows users to perform basic financial transactions; make payments, and transfer money, from their mobile phones, seamlessly.

Paga also acts as a mobile wallet, offering basic banking services like savings account to deposit and save money, and wire transfer. Cabel and phone bills, Internet, Electricity and so much more can be taken care of right from the comfort of your chair with Paga’s smooth bill payment service.

get Paga App on Android herefor iOS.


Konga Pay

Konga Pay
Konga Pay

Owned by eCommerce giant Konga Pay allows you to make on your device, transactions that will otherwise put you through the stress of going to the bank

get on Android hereiOS.


see also: android go



Of the top online payment apps to use Quickteller is the most popular, you can make money transfer for a fee, recharge your mobile phone, and other transactions

get the app on your Android here | iOS.



OPay, a product of Opera Group, is an Africa-focused payment solution that lets users transfer money to their contacts & regular bank accounts, pay bills, and order food and groceries, all on its mobile application.

Get the Android app here | iOS


Jumia One
Jumia One
Jumia One

Another eCommerce giant Jumia, Introducing Jumia One. with this platform you can book hotel reservations, book flights, airtime recharge etc. One thing is that their customer service is exceptional.

Get the Android app here | iOS.



There are several other platforms that can run smooth transactions aside the bank mobile apps, and this include some loan apps. So during this period, don’t be stranded if you want to make any payments, select any of the above app and get it done.


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