The BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds REVIEW

The BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds REVIEW gsmarena amazon jumia techradar androidcentral

The BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds

The BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds is a step in the right direction for tech giant Nokia. Apple AirPods are a commercial  success, so every other smartphone company is looking to adopt what is likely to bring an end to the all too familiar earpiece jack. Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei and most recently Nokia has joined the earbud bandwagon with their introduction of the BH-605 power earbuds..

The Nokia power Earbuds are beautiful and relatively reasonably priced at around €90 to €100 when compared to other earbuds in the market. The Nokia’s  two most important standout features are the incredible 3,000 mAh charging case and the graphene membranes that are advertised to offer unrivaled audio quality.


The Nokia Power Earbud is made up of glossy plastic and the shaped to be comfortable in the ear for long use. Now, it might be considered that not everyone has the same ear shape. People with different ear canals and fit will always vary and the BH-605 is a  bit on the heavy side though, which will make them even worse for those they don’t fit well. But on the average, they should fit just about right in almost every ear.

The BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds REVIEW gsmarena amazon jumia techradar androidcentral

With better fittings you are going to enjoy this masterpiece, the sound production is good and clear when compared to its more expensive counterparts in the market. The big issue with the fittings on the Nokia BH-605 is finding new ones in situations where you lose the ones it came with because the fittings are not standards and therefore not easy to replace. On the upside, the Nokia Power Earbuds are protected against rain and sweat, making them good for outdoor training, rigorous exercises and wet conditions.


The controls on the BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds is pretty simple – a single tap on either of the buds pauses the current track, double tap on the right one skips to the next one and a double tap on the left one takes you back to the previous song. One might have a little challenge trying to hit the buttons right, just try keeping your finger a bit up the glossy area, it won’t take much time before you hit it right and get used to it.

The case of the Nokia earbuds is solid. When you open the cap which is held by a firm magnet to keep it tightly closed, you will see the four white LEDs that show the charge of the case.


The BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds SOUND QUALITY

Anything that has to do with the music should have a good sound quality, and the Nokia power earbuds did justice to this outclassing competitors like the Samsung galaxy earbuds and the Huawei’s. The sound reproduction and call quality are also amazing and one can hear a caller clearly except for when you are in a super noisy environment.


Nokia promises 5 hours of non-stop playback time, but the case is enough to give you an incredible 150 hours of playback. This is another key feature of the Nokia Power earbuds, with a 3000mah battery, the juice on the BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds is the highest we have seen so far.

The BH-605 Nokia Power Earbuds REVIEW gsmarena amazon jumia techradar androidcentral

The case of the power earbuds carries a type C USB port for charging the battery.



This Nokia Power Earbud comes cheaper than the Apple’s Airpods, has a better battery life, good surface, delivers a solid In-call experience and is super durable when compared to the others in it’s price range. The Nokia BH-605 is a steal. However, the case of this baby is slightly on the heavy side and this makes it quite uncomfortable to carry around. That said, there are cheaper and costlier alternatives in the market depending on your choice and pocket, but you’d never find one as good as the Nokia BH-605 in it’s price range.

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