Sony Sets To Replace The Xperia Launcher With New Android Launcher

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sony Xperia Launcher replaced With new Android Launcher

The Japanese Tech Giant announced the change as a business decision.  Sony Xperia Launcher replaced With new Android Launcher would finally happen. Earlier this week it was shared that the sony Xperia home launcher was in a maintenance mode and that it’s closing the Xperia Home beta community soon. However, it was noticed that a new home launcher is on the way to replace the Xperia Launcher.


“The reason for discontinuing new feature development in the current Xperia Home Application is that we are developing a new Home Application,” Sony’s Xperia Home Open Beta Community Moderator Erika Prymus said in a Google+ post.


As of now,  no date has been set for the launching of the new Home app.  No features of the new launcher were not fully revealed. With the new Android P on the way too, we assume that Sony will probably work with its new features according to the new android OS.


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