How to view Snapchat Stories secretly online

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Wondering How to view Snapchat Stories secretly online? I bet Evan Spiegel would consider that the least of his worries since stories launched and Facebook taking after it. Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, who were former students at Stanford University. Snap chat has become known for representing a new, mobile-first direction for social media, and It places significant attention on users interacting with each other through virtual stickers and actual reality objects. Snapchat, a messaging and photography app was developed by Snap Inc., which was called Snapchat Inc. One of the many features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are only available for a short period before they become inaccessible to the viewers. The app which was originally focused on person-to-person photo sharing has evolved to presently containing users’ “Stories” for 24 hours, along with “Discover,” Which allows brands to show ad-supported short-form content. It also allows users to keep their photos in a password-protected space. It has also reportedly included the limited use of end-to-end encryption, with plans to broaden its use in the future.

How to Read a Person’s Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing

If in case you plan to spy on someone’s Snapchat or want to spy stories of someone’s Snapchat, you need to know the necessary information on how to view someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing. The step includes 

  • Get the snap chat app and Log into your Snapchat account
  • Click on the ‘Stories’ icon which is located on the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Once you have clicked on the ‘Stories’ page, you Will need to refresh the screen and then wait for the stories to load. Make sure that you don’t open any story before you have changed the settings
  • When the stories are loaded, close your snap chat app and switch off your mobile data or Wi-Fi (if you are using Wi-Fi)
  • Next, reopen the Snapchat app and click on the ‘Stories’ icon on the bottom right corner
  • Now that the stories have loaded, you can view the stories without the owner knowing that you have viewed them.




  • Once you are done watching the Stories, make sure to exit the app and switch on your mobile data or Wi-FI


There is also another option that would enable you to trick someone into not knowing you’ve seen their story. If you create a new Snapchat account you can always view the profile on your secondary account. The issue here is that there can’t be any identifying information so you have to make sure you don’t include a photo of yourself or your name or anything that could implicate you. Make sure it’s completely different from your original Snapchat account. The next step is to get the person who you want to view their Snapchat story to accept your friend request. The truth is that you can’t force anyone to accept your friend request so that part is out of your control. Hopefully, you can convince them you’re cool enough to accept your request.

View Snapchat Stories Online!

Viewing snap chat stories can be made easy when you have an installed snap chat app and a snap chat account. To view stories you need to have friends that you can get by syncing your contact to your snap chat account to connect your contact list who have a snap chat account. You can also get friends by searching or connecting to your friends on Facebook.

See Who’s Viewed Your Snapchat Story

This tip involves the ability to see who has viewed your Snapchat story. The steps include, 

  • Open your Snapchat app.
  • Click on your profile icon at the top left to open your profile page
  • Under “Stories” you will see “My Story” with the number of views. The views icon is a little eye with a number next to it which indicates the number of people who have viewed your snap chat story
  • Click on “My Story” which will drop down a list of your stories and click on the story you want to know who’s seen.
  • This will bring up your actual story and on the bottom left where you’ll see a little eye with a number beneath it. Tap the eye icon to reveal who’s seen your Snapchat story.

This will bring up a list of people, in order, who have seen your story. You can tap on their name if you want to message them and chat further. We also recommend taking a snapshot of who’s seen your Snapchat story just in case you need evidence that that person has seen it. Thankfully, Snapchat won’t notify anyone that you took a snapshot of this since it’s just in your settings.

To also see who has replayed your Snapchat story, you will see a little icon with a right arrow overlain on a left arrow. Tap that icon and you’ll see a list of who has replayed your Snapchat story. If the number below it is 0, then no one has replayed your story.

How to make a private story on Snapchat

Creating a private Snapchat story is pretty easy, but it is quite different from the typical process of sending a Snap. These are the steps on how to make a private Snapchat story:

  •  Open your Snapchat app and log in to your account if necessary.
  •  Click on your profile icon (or bitmoji, or story thumbnail) in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Select the button that says “+ Private Story” or “+ Custom Story” in the “Stories” section. You may be asked to confirm that you want to make a private story — just click on “Private Story” again.
  •  Click on each of the recipients you want to be able to see your private story.
  • Click on the Send button (it’s the paper airplane icon).


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Whoever you pick during the posting process will be able to see your public and private stories. Android users will be able to see them separately, while iPhone users will see them mixed. People that you didn’t pick during the selection process would not be aware if you posted a private story.

view snapchat stories secretly online  naijatechguide amazon jumia aliexpress konga jiji facebook ogbongeblog

view snapchat stories secretly online  naijatechguide amazon jumia aliexpress konga jiji facebook ogbongeblog
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How to find someone on Snapchat 

Finding people on Snapchat is easy and this can be done in three different ways on your iPhone or Android. This step shows how to sync your phone contact to snap chat 

  • Login into your snap chat account 
  • In the top left-hand corner of your screen, click on your profile icon, which may appear as a Bitmoji. 
  • Just below your profile information, click on the “Find friends on Snapchat” button, which you will see it enables you to sync your phone’s contacts to the Snapchat app.
view snapchat stories secretly online naijatechguide amazon jumia aliexpress konga jiji facebook ogbongeblog
image credit: Business insider

Find friends on Snapchat by syncing contacts. 

  •  Next, you’ll be asked to confirm whether or not you would love to find your friends by syncing your contacts. Click the blue Continue button to proceed.
  • A pop-up will appear asking for Snapchat to access your contacts. Press “OK” to allow this. Once your contacts are synced, anyone in your contact who has a Snapchat account will appear in the list form. To add an account, click on + Add next to their name. Note that any of your contacts who are not on Snapchat can be invited by tapping the + Invite button next to their name.
view snapchat stories secretly online  naijatechguide amazon jumia aliexpress konga jiji facebook ogbongeblog
image credit: Business insider

Allow Snapchat to access your contacts to find friends. 

How to search for a user by their Snapchat username

  • Login into your snap chat account 
  • Find where the search bar is located which is at the top of the screen, type the person’s username you’re trying to locate.
  • After typing in the username any usernames that match your search or are close to it will appear below automatically. Once you find the person you’re looking for, click on the + Add button next to their name to add that person to your list of friends.

How to scan a user’s Snapcode

Everybody with a snap chat account has a unique Snapcode, which is a QR code that can be scanned in the app to find that user and add them immediately. Here is how to add someone to your friend list using a snap code.

  • Login into your snap chat account 
  • Once you have logged in into your snap chat account go to camera mode, this is the screen that displays the camera for you to take photos or videos.
  • Have the next person open their Snapchat app and find their Snapcode by clicking on their profile icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app. The yellow box with the dots and their icon is their Snapcode. 
  • Point your camera to the user’s Snapcode and tap and hold the screen for a few seconds before letting go. The camera should automatically scan the Snapcode and locate their account. 
  • Tap Add Friend to add the person to your Snapchat contacts list. It should be noted that you don’t necessarily need to be with someone to scan their Snapcode. A screenshot or photo of their Snapcode can also be scanned by your phone to locate their Snapchat account.
view snapchat stories online secretly  naijatechguide amazon jumia aliexpress konga jiji facebook ogbongeblog
image credit: Business insider

Use the search function to find someone on Snapchat. 


How to post pictures on snap chat directly from your camera roll 

Photos or videos you have taken and stored on your mobile device can be uploaded to Snapchat through its Memories feature. It can share it on Snapchat either as a message or as a story. This makes it super convenient because it also means you don’t have to take everything through the Snapchat app if you want to share it. This is the step you need to take to access your device’s photos and videos in Snapchat and select one to send.

  • log in into your snap chat account and navigate to the camera tab by swiping left or right through the tabs.
  • Click on the small double image icon displayed directly beneath the Camera button.
  • A new tab labeled Memories will slide up from the bottom of the screen showing a grid of snaps if you saved any. If you didn’t save any yet, this tab will be blank. 
  • To upload something directly from your device, you have to use the Memories feature. You can also make edits to images in the Snapchat app. If you’re sending a video, you can trim it within Snapchat, disable sound, add text, and draw over it before you send it.
  • In Memories you should be able to see three tabs: Snaps, Camera Roll, and My Eyes Only. (If you haven’t set it up, you won’t be able to see for My Eyes Only.) Tap Camera Roll to switch to the correct tab.
  • Items in Camera Roll are the images and videos that you have on your phone. To back up items to Snapchat, set up My Eyes Only. Select the snaps you want to make private, tap the lock icon at the bottom of the screen, and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • You will have to allow Snapchat to access your device’s photos first. If you haven’t done this yet, a popup should appear asking for your permission. Click on OK to proceed.
  • Select a photo or video to send us a message to friends or post as a story.

How to see someone’s Snapchat friends?

To see someone’s snap chat friend you have to follow the following steps 

  • Add them as your friend list, If the target profile is not in your friend list then you will not be able to see anything from their account and that is why this is the most basic and most important step as well.
  • After logging into your snap chat account you need to add the person as your friend. However, this step may be difficult if you are not known to the person and it might also take some time. However, if the person knows you already then you can directly contact them and ask them to add you in their snap chat as a friend. This will help you to be a part of their snap chat profile and you can also see their daily activities and stories.
  • Make them your best friend, This is the most important step to see the friend list of the target profile. After you must have been added to their friend list in their snap chat profile but they have not made their friend list visible then you can use this step. All you have to do is, make them your best friend on snap chat. This process will send them a notification and they have to accept your request and then you can be allowed to view their snap chat friends.


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