How To Make Money Using TikTok

TikTok is a Chinese video sharing social networking service opened in 2012 and owned by ByteDance. TikTok has taken over the internet like a storm especially during the period of the lockdown due to the Corona virus and recently crossed the 2 billion download mark. What you may not know is that you can make money using TikTok.

Here is how to make money using TikTok in Nigeria.

TikTok mainly monetizes through Ads and Sponsored marketing. However, users of the app can earn through sponsorship opportunities from any of the numerous brands in their respective countries when they have millions of followers.
Having followers and lots of them is basic requirement to be eligible for sponsorship. When this is done, the next is the size of the sponsorship and this totally depends on how good your engagement rates are on TikTok. Let me explain that properly. Engagement rate is a measure of comments or likes to view ratio. It could be said to be a measure of popularity somewhat.

On social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and the others, having a lot of followers makes you a good influencer, and influencers are easily noticed and contacted for sponsorship deals. This is because the more people that follow you, the more likely it is for people to see products and services advertised through you. This means having a good engagement ratio on your videos can easily help you get brand sponsors, at least from low to mid-level companies. This is hardly an easy process, but it’s one that gives dividends in due time.

Here is how to make money from TikTok in 2020,
1: Create a very catchy and engaging profile, one that would have a public appeal and still stand out from the others. Keep in mind that the contents of your Tiktok account is what gets you all the followers you greatly need. So take the pains to create a great profile and content

2: Go out of your way to make very interesting videos. Choose a niche that appeals to you, for example; comedy and regularly upload contents based on your niche

3. Link to your profile to your other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc

4. Find ways to push your videos and profile to as many places and connections as possibly can. Here is where friends come in handy. Get them to share you on their pages too!

5. With your already influential profile, approach brands and offer them to help them grow using your profile as an influencer at an attractive price. It would be wise to start with a growing company or brand and then work your way to the top.

There’s a lot of money to be made from the internet. TikTok could be the one you have been waiting for so use this period of the lockdown to engage your friends and make money from TikTok.

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