Dstv Nigeria Packages Prices Channels HD Decoder | Complete Guide 2020

Dstv Nigeria Packages Prices Channels HD Decoder | Complete Guide 2020 jiji jumia amazon naijatechguide tomguide

Dstv Nigeria Packages Prices

MultiChoice is the company that manages the DStv Satellite Television service,  Located currently in South Africa and is a major satellite TV service in Sub-Saharan Africa. MultiChoice was created out of the subscriber-management branch of the M-Net Terrestrial Pay TV company, and showcases the full range of M-Net channels on the DStv service. MultiChoice is owned by MultiChoice Group media conglomerate. One of the many subsidiaries of MultiChoice is DStv Mobile, a service that delivers television transmission to mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones and notebooks In 2018 Multichoice had a total subscriber base of 13.5 million viewers and Naspers claimed that MultiChoice was one of the fastest growing pay-TV operators globally.

DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice. Dstv was launched in 1995 and provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers, which currently has a total number of about 18.9 million subscribers. The majority of subscribers are in South Africa and Nigeria which has about 40% alone, with Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Mauritius, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Lesotho, Ethiopia, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Swaziland and Botswana additionally served by the company.

Price of Confam Subscription in Nigeria

Confam package gives the viewers access to 125 Dstv stations out of which 12 are Radio / Audio for the price of  #4615 per month.

How to Pay for Confam Bouquet

The best way for you to renew confam subscription is logging on to quickteller.com/dstv to make payment using your mobile devices. Other ways of making payment are mobile app of your bank, online banking and ATM.

Compact Vs Confam Vs Yanga

There is only 1 channel that the viewers will enjoy when subscribing to Confam over Compact and that station is Trace Gospel.

But on the other hand, there are whole lot of stations you will be enjoying if you decides to pay 2,360 Naira more for compact, The stations include WWE Channel, VUZU, MTV, ITV Choice, BBC Brit, Lifetime Entertainment, AM Urban, ROK, Studio Universal, M-Net Movies All Stars, M-Net Movies Action, Discovery ID, Discovery TLC Entertainment, National Geographic Channel, Food Network, SuperSport 1, SuperSport 3, SuperSport 7, Sky News, Disney channel, Disney Channel XD, NickTOONS, NickJr, TRACE Mziki.

However, if you trying to choose which subscription you would want between Confam and Yanga, here is the breakdown.

Confam subscribers will have the following stations which are not available for Yanga subscribers. Trace Gospel, Da Vinci Learning, Boomerang, Cbeebies, Cartoon Network, CNN, SuperSport 8, SuperSport 4, BBC Lifestyle, TNT Africa, Star Life, Eva, FOx, CBS Reality, BET, Universal Channel, M-Net City. But SuperSport 7 is the only station on Yanga that the subscribers  won’t enjoy if they are on Confam. Subscribers will be paying #2050 to move to Confam from Yanga.

How to Pay for DSTV Subscription Using Quickteller Website

* Before subscribing using quickteller you need to make sure your decoder is on

* Log on to Quickteller using any of your mobile device 

* Select the DStv package or bouquet of your choice

* Enter your e-mail address, smartcard number, and enter your mobile phone number

* Click  the next button

* It will then display the DStv subscriber’s name and confirm that you filled in your smartcard number correctly

* Then click on the pay button and click on your debit card type for example  Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard

* Enter your card details i.e. Card Number and Expiry Date as inscribed on your debit card, and CVV (the three digit number  found at the back of your card)

* Click in the pay button 

* Then enter your Token code, or your ATM PIN for other banks.

After you have completed the transaction, your DStv account will be credited, and your viewing will be restored. This method is one of the fastest online, you really don’t have to stress yourself while paying up. You don’t have to walk into any office to get it paid, it is simply done from the comfort of your home.

Is dstv giving free subscription 

The Chief Customer Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, Martin Mabutho stated that this will be an opportunity to thank customers for their loyalty in choosing dstv or gotv, MultiChoice Nigeria will offer massive discount of up to 44%  for DStv subscribers while GOtv subscribers will enjoy a discount of up to 75%. He also declared that this opportunity given is within the company’s mission to offer quality content and to allow its loyal subscribers to enjoy a wider range of content on higher packages.

DStv Access subscribers will be able to enjoy international show on Real Time and the finest of Nollywood movies on Africa Magic Epic & ROK 2. DStv Family subscribers will get to enjoy movies and TV shows to suit every mood on TNT Africa and BET.

Subscribers on the DStv Compact package or bouquet  will be albe to enjoy  international and local entertainment on 1 Magic, brand new reality shows on Africa Magic Showcase and an array of movies on M-Net Movies Binge. DStv Compact Plus subscribers will enjoy the best of international series and movies on M-Net, M-Net Movies Premier and much more on Comedy Central.

GOtv Lite and Value subscribers will be able to enjoy programmes on E! Entertainment, Fox Life and PBS for the kids. GOtv Plus customers will be able to view channels on GOtv Jolli package such as CBS Reality and TNT Africa. GOtv Jolli subscribers can now get a variety of over 75 channel options on GOtv Max such as BET, Star Life, Discovery ID and Cartoon Network. Both active and disconnected DStv and GOtv subscribers are eligible to enjoy this massive discount on upgraded viewing.

Dstv Access bouquet 

Before we go into the list of dstv access channels it will be important to note that DStv Access is no longer available for DStv subscribers in Nigeria. It has been replaced by Dstv Yanga.

The Dstv Access package has a total of 94+ channels in 10 categories. The monthly subscription fee is #2000  per month. 

  • Documentaries and Lifestyle

Channel Number                         Name

178                                     Fashion One

182                                     NatGeo Wild

190                                     Spice TV

136                                     Discovery Family

  • Sports Channels 

Channel Number                   Name

220                                     SuperSport Blitz

230                                     SuperSport 10

229                                     SuperSport 9

227                                     SuperSport 7

  • Movie Channels 

Channel Number                   Name

154                                Africa Magic Family

156                              Africa Magic Hausa

157                                     Africa Magic Yoruba

159                               Africa Magic Igbo

139                              M-Net Movies Zone

195                                     Trybe

124                              E! Entertainment

126                              FOX Life

194                               Televista

164                                ROK 3

166                              Zee World

118                              Telemundo

451                              B4U Movies

142                                EVA +

  • Kids and Teens

Channel Number                        Name

305                              Nickelodeon

309                              Disney Junior

310                                Jim Jam

313                                PBS Kids

319                              Mindset

  • Music Channels 

Channel Number                   Name

189                              POP Central

322                                     MTV Base

324                               Hip TV

325                                TRACE Naija

326                               AFRO Music English

327                              Sound City

328                               Urban TV

  • News Channels

Channel Number                        Name

413                               NDTV 24 x 7

400                               BBC World News

409                                CGTN News

401                              CNN International

414                               EuroNews

415                                CNC World

406                              Al Jazeera

416                               Arise News

  • Religious Channels

Channel Number                        Name

390                             Emmanuel TV

343                                TBN

342                               Day Star

341                                  FAITH

349                               Dove TV

348                               Eternal Word Television Network

346                                IQRAA

347                              Islam Channel

345                                SBN

350                               Lumen Christi

680                              TV Mundial (P)

  • Specialist and Foreign

Channel Number                          Name

294                                 Clouds Plus

405                               Newzroom Afrika

296                               Wasafi TV

404                               SABC News

329                               Fiesta TV

280                              Adom TV

250                               eTV Africa

421                               Joy News

160                              Maisha Magic Bongo

158                               Maisha Magic East

275                                K24

364                               Missing Dominion TV

437                              TV5 Monde Afrique

480                              CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel

447                              CCTV 4

481                              China Movie Channel

448                              CGTN Documentary

449                              CGTN French

446                               Deutsche Welle

485                               Phoenix News and Entertainment

483                               Hunan TV

484                              Zhejiang TV

430                               RAI International

525                               RTPi (P)

  • Local

Channel Number                 Name

262                              WAP TV

259                              Wazobia Max

418                              TVC News Nigeria

252                               Silverbird

257                              ONMAX

260                               OGtv

370                              NTA parliament

419                               NTA News 24

251                              NTA I

369                              NTA 2

255                              MiTV

256                               Lagos TV

258                               Galaxy TV

254                                Channels TV

261                              Arewa 24

253                               AIT

165                               Ebony Life TV.

Price of dstv explora 

The price of dstv Explora decoder in Nigeria currently is about N29,100 at DSTV dealers/outlets in Nigeria while the price for the DSTV Explora on Konga is between N30,000 and N35,500 online. This prices does not include for installation. 

Dstv Nigeria Packages Prices Channels HD Decoder | Complete Guide 2020 explora jiji jumia amazon naijatechguide tomguide
Dstv explora


List of dstv compact Channels 

Category                                           Number of Channels

Documentaries and Lifestyle             11

Sport                                                     9

Entertainment and Movies               41

Kids and Teens                                 13

Music                                                  7

News and Commerce                        18

Religion                                              11

Specialist and Foreign                       12

Local                                                    17

Total                                                             140 (Plus 75 audio channels)

The monthly subscription for the DStv Compact is at # 6,975  per month.

  • Documentaries and Lifestyle

Channel Number                   Name

181                              National Geographic

182                                     NatGeo Wild

178                               Fashion One

176                              The Home Channel

174                              BBC Lifestyle

190                              Spice TV

147                               VIA

179                              Travel Channel

175                              Food Network

171                              Discovery ID

  • Sports Channels 

Channel Number                   Name

239                              TellyTrack

223                              SuperSport 3

200                              SuperSport Blitz

210                              SuperSport 10

229                              SuperSport 9

228                              SuperSport 8

227                              SuperSport 7

222                              SuperSport 4

220                              Blitz Africa

  • Movie Channels 

Channel Number                   Name

125                               FOX

128                              WWE Channel

157                              Africa Magic Yoruba

135                               Discovery TLC

124                               E! Entertainment

132                              CBS Reality

117                              Universal TV

195                              trybe

194                              Televista

160                              Maisha Magic Bongo

159                              AfricaMagic Igbo

158                              Maisha Magic East

156                              AfricaMagic Hausa

142                               EVA +

168                               ROK

152                              AfricaMagic Epic

141                               EVA

136                              Discover Family

126                              FOX life

123                                         ITV Choice

120                                   BBC Brit

118                             Telemundo

166                              ZEE World

451                             B4U Movies

164                             Mzansi Bioskop

163                                 Mzansi Wethu

161                       Mzansi Magic

154                             AfricaMagic Family

153                             AfricaMagic Urban

137                             TNT Africa

130                             MTV

128                             Sony Max

112                       Studio Universal

135                          BET

115                                  M-Net City

116                           Vuzu

160                             Zambezi Magic

167                          Star Life

110                            M-Net Movies Action

111                          M-Net Movies All-Stars

131                             Lifetime Entertainment

137                                   TNT Africa HD

139                           M-Net Movies Zone

  • Kids and Teens

Channel Number                   Name

309                                     Disney Junior

308                                     Nicktoons

307                                         NickJr

312                                Nickelodeon

303                                          Disney channel

302                                     Boomerang

301                                     Cartoon Network

306                                         Cbeebies

318                              Da Vicni Learning

319                                Mindset

310                                   Jim Jam

304                                Disney XD

313                                 PBS Kids

  • Music Channels 

Channel Number                 Name

189                                     POP Central

325                                     Trace Urban

325                                     TRACE Naija

326                              AFRO Music English

324                               Hip TV

322                              MTV Base

327                              Sound City

  • News Channels

Channel Number        Name

401                      CNN International

449                  CGTN French

413                  NDTV 24 x 7

410                  CNBC Africa

406                  Al Jazeera

404                  SABC News

400                  BBC World News

416                  Arise News

445                  EuroNews German

438                  EuroNews French

421                   Joy News

415                  CNC World

280                  Adom TV

402                   Sky News

403                  eNews Channel Africa

180                  Peoples Weather

448                   CGTN Documentary

409                  CGTN News

  • Religious Channels

Channel Number                  Name

349                    Dove TV

348                         Eternal Word Television Network

341                    FAITH

342                  Day Star

343                   TBN

345                    SBN

346                   IQRAA

347                    Islam Channel

350                  Lumen Christi

390                  Emmanuel TV

680                  TV Mundial (P)

  • Specialist and Foreign

Channel Number                   Name

435                               RTPi

481                               China Movie Channel

480                               CCTV Entertainment

447                               CCTV 4

446                                Deutsche Welle

437                                TV5 Monde Afrique

431                                Beste van Nederlands

430                          RAI International

485                     Phoenix News and Entertainment

483                                Hunan TV

482                    Shanghai Dragon TV

275                     K24

  • Local

Channel Number                 Name

419                 NTA News 24

370                  NTA parliament

251                  NTA I

369                         NTA 2

253                   AIT

262                   WAP TV

254                  Channels TV

259                  Wazobia Max

252                  Silverbird

418                  TVC News Nigeria

257                  ONMAX

255                   MiTV

256                   Lagos TV

258                  Galaxy TV

261                  Arewa 24

260                   OGtv

165                  Ebony Life TV

DSTV Nigeria Prices Channels Packages HD Decoders Explora PVR

DSTV offers direct-to-home DTH pay TV services to subscribers across Africa and can boasts of one of the cheapest pay TV packages in Nigeria as well as services like HD channels, HD PVR decoders, and a mobile streaming services like DSTV Now and Showmax. Multichoice has the DSTV Compact Plus bouquet targeted at sports lovers and has introduced three new bouquet in the DSTV Padi, DSTV Yanga and DSTV Confam with the Access and Family packages discontinued.

HD channels currently available on DSTV include, SuperSport HD 11, SuperSport HD 12, SuperSport HD 3, MNET West HD, 1Magic HD, MMET Premium HD, MNET Movies Smile HD, MNET Action+ HD, Studio Universal HD, WWE Channel HD, TLC HD, Discovery Family HD, Africa Magic Showcase HD, Discovery ID HD, and Discovery HD Showcase. HD offers crisp and bright pictures as well as crystal clear sound. However, to be able to view all SuperSport channels that show the Barclays Premier league in Nigeria, you have to subscribe for the DSTV Compact Plus package, which goes for ₦10,925 monthly. DSTV Premium has a total number of 150 channels, which costs ₦16,200 monthly. The Premium bouquet also comes with free subscription to the Showmax streaming service The Compact bouquet also offers some more sports channels.

DSTV Explora Decoder

DSTV Explora is the most advanced decoder from Multichioce. It comes with a lot of features that offers really great viewing experience. The Explora is an HD PVR decoder. This means you can watch high quality HD content from HD channels. Explora also enables you to record content on the decoder. According to Multichoice, Dstv Explora can record up to 220 hours of content. However, Explora decoder is not just a PVR decoder, it also comes with free internet access allowing you stream and download content online. The DSTV Catchup feature enables the subscribers to catchup with programmes they might have missed, plus other content. The DSTV BoxOffice gives the viewers exclusive access to latest blockbuster movies. On dstv explora You can rent and download any of the available movies and keep them for up to 48 hours.

The price of the dstv Explora decoder is currently put at #55,000 with installation kit (Dish, LNB, etc), though some of the traders on Jumia currently sells the Explora decoder for between 65,000 and 90,000 Naira. The offers on Jumia usually adds one month free subscription to Compact, Compact Plus, or Premium packages.

In order to gain access to DSTV channels, customers require a satellite dish (with dish kit like LNB, etc), a DSTV decoder (HD Zapper Decoder or Explora Decoder), a smart card and a remote control.

DSTV signals are encrypted. By paying your subscription and slotting your smart card in your decoder, your decoder will be enabled to decode the encrypted digital TV signals.  MDSTV offers HD ready Personal Video Recording, PVR for short built-into the Explora, which can combine perfectly with your Zapper decoder for Xtraview, enabling you to watch two channels while recording another two channels, simultaneously. Dstv Explora enables customers record live TV programmes and greatly improve it’s user experience. With the Explora decoder, customers can record up to 220 hours of programming.

DSTV Explora decoders come with instant replay feature, just press a button and the last 20 seconds of the programme will be replayed. Other possibility of the HD PVR decoders include rewinding and fast-forwarding live TV and recording live TV programmes.

Recording is not the only advantage of the dstv Explora, the HD stands for High Definition, which means that you get more details on your HDTV when watching the new HD channels. Your HD PVR decoder delivers crispier, brighter, smoother, and more colourful pictures to your home. You also get better sound quality. The HD PVR decoders cost more than classic/standard decoders but will add value to your user experience. To make your HD PVR decoder more useful, DSTV now has seven high definition (HD) channels. DSTV Premium subscribers with HD PVR decoders will now be able to watch dedicated HD channels.

High definition (HD) channels currently available on the satellite TV service include, SuperSport HD 1, SuperSport HD 2, SuperSport HD 3, MNET West HD, 1Magic HD, MMET Premium HD, MNET Movies Smile HD, MNET Action+ HD, Studio Universal HD, WWE Channel HD, TLC HD, Discovery Family HD, and Africa Magic Showcase HD. To experience the full power of HD, you may require some hardware upgrade in addition to the HD PVR decoder. This include a HD TV (HDTV) and a surround sound system (Home theatre).

DSTV Channels

Some really popular channels on dstv decoder include 

  • CNN
  • BBC News
  • 1Magic HD
  • Africa Magic Showcase HD
  • Vuzu
  • SuperSport Channels
  • SuperSport BLITZ
  • E! Entertainment
  • Channel O
  • CNBC Africa
  • Africa Magic
  • Africa Magic Epic
  • Africa Magic Hausa
  • Africa Magic Yoruba
  • Africa Magic Igbo
  • ESPN
  • Telemundo
  • Zee World
  • MNET Africa HD
  • MNET Movies Premiere
  • MNET Movies Smile HD
  • MNET Movies Action+ HD
  • MNET City
  • ROK
  • Food Network
  • NTA International
  • National Geographic (Nat Geo)
  • History
  • Fox
  • Fox Life
  • WWE Channel HD
  • BET
  • Magic World
  • Discovery Channel HD
  • Universal TV
  • BBC Brit
  • TBN
  • ITV Choice
  • Cartoon Network
  • Studio Universal HD (formally Hallmark and Universal Channels)
  • Sky News
  • ESPN
  • Comedy Central, and so much more

Note that not all channels will be available in all DSTV packages, so verify what channels are included on your DSTV bouquet before you subscribe.

DSTV Packages, Bouquets, and Products

DSTV currently offer six bouquets/packsges in Nigeria 

  • DSTV Padi
  • DSTV Yanga
  • DSTV Confam
  • DSTV Compact
  • DSTV Compact Plus
  • DSTV Premium
  • DSTV Access (Discontinued in 2020)
  • DSTV Family (Discontinued in 2020)

DSTV Mobile (with compatible mobile devices) used to be a thing with DSTV Mobile Devices, it was however replaced with the Dstv now service which will enable the subscribers to stream live TV on their mobile devices. You can also catchup with series and programmes you missed on TV by watching them on your smartphone or using Dstv catch up. To access DSTV Now, the app can be downloaded on Play Store or App Store.

DSTV Padi is the cheapest bouquet which offers the least number of channels. DSTV Yanga, DSTV Confam, DSTV Compact, and DSTV Compact Plus bouquets follow in the least number of channels. DSTV Access and DSTV Family has been  replaced by Padi/Yanga and Confam respectively.

The Premium package offers the largest channel option and is the most expensive of all packages at 16,200 Naira monthly subscription. The premium package also comes with free subscription to DSTV Showmax streaming service.

The Compact Plus package offers all channels available on compact the only difference being that more sports channels are on compact plus. It sits in between the Compact and Premium package.

DSTV also have special bouquets for non-English speaking audience. This may include:

  • Indian Bouquets
  • French Bouquets
  • German Bouquets

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Prices

DSTV initial access cost is around ₦17,675 to ₦90,000. This will include the cost of satellite dish (with dish kit), decoder, and cables and also decoder remote. This put together may also be bundled with subscription for one month or more. Subscribers will pay for installation separately.

  • DSTV Padi (₦1,850 per Month)

DSTV Padi package offers over 40 channels but mostly local and international TV channels, like BBC World, CNC World,  B4U Movies, Africa Magic (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba), NatGeo Wild, Spice TV, SilverBird, NTA 2, NTA News 24, Galaxy TV, AIT, Channels TV, SuperSport BLITZ, Jim Jam, Mindset, telemundo, televista, and so on. This being the only bouquet that lacks at least one Mnet channel. 

  • DSTV Yanga (₦2,565 per Month)

The Yanga bouquet looks similar to the recently removed DSTV Access, but boasts of over 95 channels mostly local and international TV channels. Yanga adds a couple of new channels that were previously not available to the Access channels like Africa Magic Epic, ROK2, RealTime, MTV Base, and EL. However, all the previous Access channels can be assessed on dstv yanga like BBC World, Telemundo, MNET Movies Zone, Fox Life, ROK3, Zee World, Africa Magic Family, Discovery Family HD, NatGeo Wild, AIT, SilverBird, Channels, NTA I, SuperSport BLITZ, SuperSport 9, SuperSport 10, Al jezeera, Mindset Learn, E! Entertainment, Jim Jam, Disney Junior, Africa Magic (World, Hausa & Yoruba only) and so on.

  • DSTV Confam (₦4,615 per Month)

The Confam package looks similar to the discontinued  DSTV Family, but can boasts of over 120 channels mostly local and international TV channel. Subscribers can get all the DSTV Access channels plus CNN, ESPN Classic, MNET City, Universal Channel, Fox, Africa Magic Epic, ROK2, BBC Lifstyle, Food Network, SuperSport HD 7, SuperSport 8 HD, Boomerang, MTV Base, Cartoon Network. DSTV Confam adds channels like Fox, Universal Channel, Da Vinci, CBS Reality, MNET City, BET, TNT Africa, Star Life, BBC Lifstyle, Food Network, SuperSport HD 7, SuperSport 8 HD, Boomerang, Cbeebies and Cartoon Network

  • DSTV Compact (₦6,975 per Month)

DSTV Compact bouquet offers the viewers various channels which includes MNET Movies Action, MNET Movies All Stars, Studio Universal HD, VUZU, BBC Brit, BET, MTV, TNT Africa,  Africa Magic Urban, ROK, National Geographic, Discovery ID HD, SuperSport HD 3, SuperSport HD 4, WWE Channel HD, Disney, Disney XD, Trace Mziki, Sky News, Ebony Life TV and so on, over 130 channels in all. This is usually the entry bouquet that comes with your initial DSTV purchase.

  • DSTV Compact Plus (₦10,925 per Month)

DSTV Compact Plus is basically the same as Dstv compact only that it offers all DSTV Compact channels in addition to more sports channels. The sports channels which are added are SuperSport HD 5 and SuperSport HD 6. Subscribers to the package will be able to watch EPL matches, Champions League matches as well as other live sports like the French League, Bundesliga, PSL, Spanish La Liga as well as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing and motorsport etc. 

Note that it is not only sports channels that are added to the Compact Plus compared to the Compact plus bouquet. Other additional channels include 1Magic HD, Africa Magic Showcase HD, Discovery Channel HD, Lifetime Entertainment, Crime and Investigation Network, History Channel, CGTh

DSTV Premium package is the high-end package offering you all available DSTV video, and audio channels. The  Premium package offers over 150 exciting channels. Channels that are exclusive to Premium package alone include Mnet Africa HD, MNET Movies Smile HD, MNET Movies Action+ HD, MNET Movies Premiere, Comedy Central, TLC Entertainment, CNC World, all HD channels, and so on.

However it is important to note that despite Compact Plus being all about sports, not all sports channels are available on the bouquet. To get all sports channels, you will have to subscribe to the Premium package. Sports channels exclusive to the Premium package include: SuperSport HD 1, SuperSport HD 2, SuperSport HD 11, and SuperSport HD 12. The Premium package is for people who want nothing less than the best.

If you want to be viewing your content on HD channels then you need to go for the Premium as HD channels are currently exclusive on the Preminm package.

If you also want to watch 100% matches of the English Premier league, the premium package is your best option as You will also be able to access the Premier league’s 24-hour full HD content service that is if you own a HD PVR decoder or Explora Decoder. Subscribing to the premium bouquet enables you to stream movies and series on Showmax for free. Showmax currently costs 2,900 Naira per month.

DSTV Installation, Usage & Subscription Issues

  • DSTV Installation

Installation of the dstv decoder may be free or paid separately. This should cost 3,000 Naira to 10,000 Nairdepending on the nature of the installation. Currently the cost of getting DSTV is 17,675 Naira which includes the cost of decoder, dish, installation kit,  remote, and one month free subscription to the compact package.

Free Channels on DSTV

DSTV offers a one free channel when your subscription expires. However, this is a local free-to-air channels NTA 2. Once your subscription expires, you will not be able to view TV channels. At first some channels may be available free for a few hours, but with time all DSTV channels, except NTA 2 will no longer be available until you pay your subscription.

To avoid losing your viewing, visit any DSTV outlet two days before your payment due date to make your payment or You can also renew online at QuickTeller, OPay, JumiaPay, and other payment platforms, then your subscription will be renewed automatically. 

DsTv Champions League Channels

The official channels that show the champions league on dstv are the super sport 5 and super sport 6 stations. Channel 225 and 226 respectively. When there are more than 2 matches in a day, super sport 5 and super sport 6 show the most important ones while the rest are shared across couple other channels.To be able to access these channels, you must be on atleast the compact plus package of the dstv which goes for 10,650 Naira per month. The other package you can enjoy this is the premium that goes for 16, 200 Naira every 30 days

List of DStv Family channels 2020

Before enjoying all the incredible DStv Family channels offered on the DStv Family package, you have to pay for the subscription. If you already have the satellite dish and decoder, you will only have to pay the subscription fee of 4000 naira per month. But,  if you are a new user, the process will cost you about N24,900. This price includes the installation fee, a dish, a standard decoder (DStv Explora will cost you more) and 3 months free subscription.

  • Audio category

BBC African Languages

BBC World Service

BBC World Radio 2

Radio France Internationale

Star FM

TransAfrica Radio

Voice of America

Rhythm FM


World Radio Network

Channel Islam Internationale

  • Children’s entertainment category

Nickelodeon – 305

Disney Junior – 309

Cartoon Network – 301

Boomerang – 302

JimJam – 310

Mindset – 319

Cbeebies – 306

PBS Kids – 313

  • Documentary category

Nat Geo Wild – 182

CGTN Documentary – 448

  • Lifestyle and culture

E! Entertainment Television – 124

BBC Lifestyle – 174

Food Network – 175

Spice TV – 190

HIP TV – 314

  • Movies and general entertainment

Dish on TV – 100

Africa Magic Nollywood Stars – 198

Africa Magic Family – 154

Africa Magic Hausa – 156

AfricaMagic Igbo – 159

Africa Magic Yoruba – 157

AfricaMagic Epic – 152

Maisha Magic Bongo -160

Maisha Magic East – 158

M-Net City – 115

Universal TV -117

Telemundo -118

M-Net Movies Zone – 139

B4U Movies – 451

Eva English – 141

Eva Plus – 142

Star Life – 167

Real Time – 155

ROK 3 – 164

ROK 2 – 169

Fashion One – 178

POP Central -189

Trybe TV – 195

Televista – 194

CBS Reality – 132

FOX – 125

FOX Life – 126

Discovery Family – 136

Zee World – 166

  1. TV Africa – 250

Lagos TV – 256

ONTV MAX – 257

Galaxy TV – 258

Wazobia Max – 259

OGTV – 260

Arewa 24 – 261

wapTV – 262

ADOM TV – 280

NTA 2 – 369

  • Free-to-air

NTAi – 251

Silverbird – 252

AIT – 253

Channels – 254

MiTV – 255

  • Music

Afro Music Pop – 326

MTV Base – 322

Fiesta TV – 329

Urban TV – 328

Sound City – 327

TRACE Naija – 325

  • News and commerce

K24 – 275

NTA Parliament – 370

BBC World News – 400

CNN International – 401

SABC News – 404

Newzroom Afrika – 405

Al Jazeera – 406

CGTN News – 409

CNBC Africa – 410

Bloomberg – 411

NDTV247 – 413

EuroNews – 414

CNC World -415

Arise News – 416

TVC News Nigeria – 418

NTA News 24 – 419

JOY NEWS – 421

EuroNews French – 438

EuroNews German- 445

Deutsche Welle – 446

Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment -485

  • Religion

FAITH – 341

DOVE TV – 349

DayStar – 342

SBN – 345

Emmanuel TV – 390

Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) – 348

Lumen Christi – 350

TV Mundial – 680

Islam Channel – 347

IQRAA – 346

TBN Africa – 343

  • Special channels

RAI Italia – 430

China Movies Channel – 481

CCTV 4 – 447

CGTN French – 449

CCTV Entertainment – 480

Hunan TV – 483

Jiantsu Television – 484

RTP Internacional -525

Shanghai Dragon TV – 482

TV5 Monde Afrique – 437

  • Sports

SuperSport Blitz – 220

SuperSport 7 – They are two. On channel 207 and 227

SuperSport 8 -228

SuperSport 9 – 229

SuperSport 10 – 230

MultiChoice Nigeria  March Madness offer  

Multichoice Dstv Nigeria Packages Prices Channels HD Decoder | Complete Guide 2020 jiji jumia amazon naijatechguide tomguide

MultiChoice Nigeria is treating all customers this month of March, with some amazing rewards. The pay-TV entertainment company announced that March Madness is an offer which aims to reward all customers – active or disconnected.

For customers to be able to enjoy these rewards by MultiChoice, all you  need do is call this number – 0806 985 0000 and follow the voice prompt to claim the amazing offers this season.

Speaking on this new development, The Chief Customer Officer, Martin Mabutho said, “Customer delight is at the heart of everything we do and that is why we continue to seek out more ways to reward them. March Madness is one of such offers and we urge our customers to plug in”.

In this month of March MultiChoice has something for everyone. Customers who call this unique number (0806 9850 000) have an array of rewards waiting for them:

Ultimate Love – Couple’s Experience (Dubai, Lagos + N200k)

DStv Step Up & Boost (Get a free upgrade on your subscription when you upgrade)

DStv Thanks; 80% on Bolt rides + 15% off pizzas

Double- Double (Pay 1 view 2)

Airtime & More

The DStv Step Up & Boost offer involves an upgrade to a package above a customer’s current package as well as a further upgrade to an even higher package. While the Double Double (Pay 1 view 2) offer, will see customers get a one-month surprise subscription when they pay on their current package. Customers on Access and family are to pay for the new packs; Yanga and Confam to get the additional month while those on GOtv Value and GOtv Plus are to pay for GOtv Jinja and Jolli respectively.

 For the Ultimate Love Couples’ Experience, customers stand a chance to win an all-expense paid weekend getaway or a stay in a prestigious hotel in Lagos as well as  N200,000 cash when a customer renews his subscription in the month of March. Winners will be announced during the Live Sunday Show on Africa Magic Channels.

Through DStv Thanks, customers will be rewarded for their continuous support and loyalty. Customers are only required to pay their subscriptions on time to enjoy huge discounts on shopping, Fast foods, movies, transport and many more. Customers can visit this website-https://www.dstvafrica.com/en-ng/dstv-thanks, to unlock the amazing offers.

Altogether, MultiChoice is poised to give 100, 000 surprise subscriptions to active and disconnected customers this March.


GOtv is a product of Multichoice Nigeria that also owns DSTV. The major difference between it and DSTV is in the fact that the latter one uses satellites while gotv uses an antenna.  GOtv subscription packages provide African channels in the highest digital quality that will be  undoubtedly appreciate by the subscribers.

Gotv renders you access to both African and international channels, such as Nickelodeon, CNN or BBC, Al Jazeera and others. However, the majority of options consists of African home broadcasting like AFRO Music, eTV Africa or AfricaMagic. The available numbers of channels will change depending on which package and subscription plan you have chosen.

The revolutionary DVB-T2 technology of digital terrestrial broadcasting offers you excellent quality of multiple channels that come in six different packages. Gotv can also be found in countries like Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.


  • Package #1: GOtv Max #3200 monthly 


This package is said to be the premium package of dstv as it will provide you with the best access to the widest choice of channels and entertainment, including sports, 77 channels in total.

GOtv Max channels include:

  • documentary channels

Discovery Family 

Nat Geo Wild

  • Lifestyle and culture

Spice TV

  •  Sport

superSport Blitz

Select 1

Select 2

Select 3


Select 5

  • Children


Disney Junior


PBS Kids

  • Music

MTV base

Hip TV

AFRO Music English

Sound City

Planet Radio TV

  • Religion 

Faith Broadcast Network

Islam Channel

Emmanuel TV

Dove TV

  •  Entertainment and movies

 Go Channel


E! Entertainment Television


 FOX Lite

Sony Max

BET International 

CBS Reality

M-Net Movies Zone


AfricaMagic Epic Movies

AfricaMagic Family

Africa Magic Hausa

AfricaMagic Yoruba

 AfricaMagic Igbo

Rok 2

Rok 3

Universal TV 

  • Local ones

 ITV Benin,

eTV Africa

 Lagos TV



  • News and commercial program

NTA Parliament


BBC World News

 CNN International,

Al Jazeera,


  • Package #2: GOtv plus #2500 monthly 


Gotv plus provided lesser channels than that of Gotv max and more affordable. It will provide you with 67 channels from Africa and the world.

  • documentary ones

 Discovery Family

Nat Geo Wild

  • lifestyle and culture: 

Spice TV

  • Sport



Select 1

Select 2

Select 3)

  • Children


Disney Junior


  • Music

MTV base

Hip TV

AFRO Music English

Sound City

Planet Radio TV

  • Religion

Faith Broadcast Network

Islam Channel

Emmanuel TV

Dove TV

  • Entertainment and movies

Go Channel


 E! Entertainment Television

FOX Lite

CBS Reality

M-Net Movies Zone


AfricaMagic Epic Movies

AfricaMagic Family

Africa Magic Hausa

AfricaMagic Yoruba

AfricaMagic Igbo

TVC Entertainment

  •  Local 

ITV Benin

eTV Africa

Lagos TV

  • News and commercial programs

NTA Parliament


BBC World News

CNN International

Al Jazeera


  • Package #3: GOtv Value #1500 monthly 


This package will offer a narrower selection of options, but the price gets even lower. The available 39 GOtv Value channels include:

  •  lifestyle and culture

Spice TV

  • Children



  • Music

AFRO Music English

Sound City

Planet Radio TV

  •  Faith Broadcast Network

Islam Channel

Emmanuel TV

Dove TV

  • Entertainment and movies

Go Channel

E! Entertainment Television 

AfricaMagic Epic Movie

Africa Magic Hausa

AfricaMagic Yoruba

AfricaMagic Igbo

TVC Entertainment



  •  local 

Liberty TV

Tiwa n Tiwa


eTV Africa

Lagos TV

  • News and commercial programs

NTA Parliament

Al Jazeer

Arise News

Package #4: GOtv Lite monthly pack will cost you N400, the quarterly pack will cost you N1,050, and the annual will cost you N3,100

This package consists of 25 options at a very economical price. Just get in touch with the provider and get to know how to receive it.

  •  local 

Liberty TV





  • entertainment and movies 

Go Channel

TVC Entertainment


  • Children


PBS Kids

  • Music 

AFRO Music English

  • Religious

Faith Broadcast Network

Islam Channel

Emmanuel TV

 Dove TV

  • News and commercial programs

NTA Parliament

Al Jazeera

TVC News

NTA News24

  • GOtv subscription plans for the Lite package

Lite package comes in three payment options. You can choose between a monthly, a quarterly and an annual plan. The payment option will determine the amount of money you pay. The type of subscription plan does not influence the number of available channels.

How Much Does Netflix Streaming Cost?

Netflix offers multiple pricing structures for its video streaming services. We will be examining the basic services first. Netflix provides its subscribers with three primary monthly pricing plans, as follows:

Basic, $8.99 per month. Netflix’s basic plan doesn’t provide high definition (HD) viewing and subscribers can only watch  its programs on one screen at a time.

Standard, $12.99 per month. The Netflix standard offers high definition (HD) videos and allows subscribers to view simultaneously from two different screen at a time.

Premium, $15.99 per month. The top tier offering includes the ability of allowing subscribers to watch four screens at the same time. It’s also the only item on the Netflix that offers a 4K viewing option.

While still in “test” model, Netflix is offering a new high-end streaming service option in select cities. The program, called “Ultra”, reportedly offers four Ultra HD viewing streams or content viewable in HDR format. The Ultra service, which goes for $16.99 per month offers two options for customers:

Version No 1 provides four Ultra HD streams, with the current $15.99 per-month viewing option sliding from four UHD streams to two UHD streams.

Version No 2 provides access to four Ultra HD streams, but with a twist: only Netflix Ultra customers can gain access to the company’s high dynamic range content services, which is a superior viewing experience, according to the company.

While the two model options are being tests in a handful of viewing areas, there is no guarantee the company will or will not go forward with the pricing plans anytime soon.

How Netflix Works

When you join Netflix the process of getting up, running and streaming videos is easy.

  • Download the Netflix app from App Store or play store 
  • Sign up for Netflix on the company website, or on the company mobile app.
  • Once that’s done, you’ll be given a “no charge”, one-month free trial, where you can play around with the site and try different service models.
  • If, at any point during the trial period, you decide to end your Netflix experience, you can cancel immediately. Once you sign into Netflix go to the upper right hand of the home page and hit the “Your Account & Help” button. Go to “Cancel Membership” and follow the procedure to cancel your account. Even if you cancel your account at any time during the grace period, you can still watch Netflix programming through the end of the 30-day trial period.
  • When you sign up for Netflix, you’ll be asked to choose between the three main video streaming options. When doing so, here’s what to expect, according to current Netflix data:

The Netflix Basic Plan ($8.99)

  • No High definition viewing (HD)
  • No Ultra high definition viewing (HD)
  • Subscribers can only watch one screen at any one time
  • Viewers can watch contents in their laptop, phone and tablet
  • Subscribers can get unlimited movies
  • Viewers can also cancel at anytime
  • Subscribers get the first month free, as part of the trial period offer

The Netflix Standard Plan ($12.99)

  •  High definition viewing (HD)Available
  • No Ultra high definition (HD)
  • Subscribers can watch two screens at the same time
  • Viewers can watch contents on their laptop, phone and tablet
  • Subscribers can get unlimited movies
  • Viewers can also candle at anytime 
  • Subscribers get the first month free, as part of the trial period offer

The Netflix Premium Plan ($15.99)

  • High definition viewing (HD) Available
  • Ultra high definition viewing (HD) Available
  • Subscribers can watch four screens at the same time.
  • Subscribers can get unlimited movies
  • Viewers can also cancel at anytime
  • Subscribers get the first month free, as part of the trial period offer.

Netflix’s Blu Ray and DVD Plans

Netflix also offers various DVD and Blu Ray video streaming program, as well.

  1. Standard Plan $7.99 per month
  •  Subscribers get One disc out at a time
  • Subscribers can get Unlimited discs a month
  • First month  is always free for subscribers 
  • No late fees charge 
  • Free shipping and returns for subscribers 
  1. Premier Plan $11.99 per month
  • Subscribers get Two discs out a month
  • Subscribers can get Unlimited discs a month
  • No late fees charge 
  • Free shipping and returns for subscribers 
  • First month  is always free for subscribers 

Blu Ray DVD Plans Netflix also offers a set of Blu Ray DVD streaming options, as well.

  1. Standard Plan $9.99 per month
  •  Subscribers get One disc out at a time
  • Subscribers can get Unlimited discs a month
  • No late fees charge 
  • Free shipping and returns for subscribers 
  • First month  is always free for subscribers 
  1. Premier Plan $14.99 per month
  • Subscribers get Two discs out at a time
  • Subscribers can get Unlimited discs a month
  • No late fees charge 
  • Free shipping and returns for subscribers 
  • First month is always free for subscribers 

Simultaneous Viewing

The Netflix simultaneous viewing option enables families and friends to share their Netflix account, at the three different pricing models listed above.

For example, the basic streaming option allows users to only stream one screen at a time. But when you upgrade to the standard plan, your account is allowed users to watch Netflix programming on two different devices simultaneously.

Move on up to the premium streaming plan, and you can watch Netflix programming on four different devices at the same time.

HD and Ultra HD Viewing

For an extra $3 or $6 a month, you can upgrade to the Netflix HD and Ultra HD streaming options. The difference in viewing quality between basic viewing and HD and Ultra HD viewing is significant. Only select Netflix programming is available on Ultra HD, so check ahead of time to see if your favorite show makes the ultra-high-resolution grade.

How to clear error code on Dstv decoder 

Clearing error code in your dstv decoder is quiet easy, Before trying to clear error code make sure your dstv decoder is switched on 

  • Go to www.DSTV.com.
  • Select the type of Error code that you see on your T.V set, enter your smart card / Serial No, and solve the Captcha.
  • Click “Reset Device

Easy and fast ways to pay for DSTV subscription online

Paying for your Dstv subscription online is quiet easy. If you want to pay DStv service online, the easiest way to do it is by using DStv Eazy Service. It allows you to pay for your subscription or somebody else’s subscription. You don’t even need to be in Nigeria to pay for it, you can do it while you’re abroad. Before starting the process make sure your Dstv decoder is switched on 

  • First, go to the DStv website on your mobile device 
  • Then select the country where you live and enter the specific Smart card number. Click on VERIFY button
  • After this step, you will need to check the payment summary page by clicking on VIEW BALANCE AND PAY. There you will be able to see the amount of money you are supposed to pay for the package you are currently using, but if you decide to upgrade to a higher package tge amount of money you are supposed to pay will be displayed for you
  • Click on PAY button. Once you do so, you will see the Payment Subscription page with some information about your account
  • Click on the eTranzact payment option and BankIT and enter your bank account number
  • After that, you will get a generated 6-digit password and after filling it in you click on submit
  • Then you need to call *389*00# with the phone number connected with your Bank account and receive the OTP code
  • Enter the OTP in the appropriate space and click on the pay button
  • This time, the payment response should state that the transaction is completed successfully.

PAGA e-Pay

 PAGA e-Pay platform can be used to pay for your DStv subscription

  • First of all, you go to the official page of PAGA e-Pay eazy.dstv.com and log in
  • There you will see a list of online payment methods that you can use in your country
  • Then you need to select Paga e-Pay and continue by following the instructions.


If you prefer to make online payments via GlobalPAY, you may use it for paying for your DStv subscription as well.

  • At the beginning, you will need to visit eazy.dstv.com and log in your account using your mobile device 
  • Then you switch to the PAY page and choose GlobalPAY as your payment method 
  • After you have switched to the pay page fill in the information needed to complete the payment. This includes your First Name and Last Name. Also, you need to enter your Customer and Smartcard numbers, e-mail address and cell phone number
  • Only then will you be forwarded to complete payment on GlobalPAY.com
  • After that, you will see the GlobalPAY website, where you will need to select your Card Type, fill in your Card Number and click on “Pay” button
  • Once your payment has been completed, you will see your account information on the DStv Eazy website.

PayU platform

For those clients who use VISA and MasterCard cards to pay for some purchases, you can use thePayU system to pay for DStv service.

  • First of all, you need to visit eazy.dstv.com/pay website using your mobile device 
  • Then, you should type all the information of your credit card, such as cardholder’s number, card number, CVV number, and expiry date
  • After all the necessary information has been included the transaction will be completed.


If you want to pay for your subscription online, one of your options may be QuickTeller. This online platform is connected with the integrated billing system and is very easy to use. Make sure your decoder is on before performing this transaction 

  • To start, you need to switch decoder’s status on your account from connected to disconnected
  • Then go to www.quickteller.com/dstv, log in using your mobile devices and select the DStv payment platform 
  • After that, you need to enter your e-mail address, mobile phone number and smartcard number
  • Then click on the next button
  • Type your name, as it is written on the DStv subscription and confirm your smartcard number
  • Then you should click the PAY button and click on the type of debit card type you have (MasterCard, Interswitch, Verve)
  • Fill in your card details – card number, expiry date and the 4-digit PIN of your card
  • After you click PAY, the purchase will be successfully completed and you will get access to the DStv services.


Another simple option to make your DStv purchase is to use eTranzact system. The system lets you pay for your subscription directly from your bank account online using the different transaction code for different banks. Also, you can use your gadget or laptop to complete the transaction.

Eazy Money

These days, to pay online with the mobile wallet Eazy Money for your DStv service is pretty easy. Before engaging in this process make sure that your Dstv decoder is switched on 

  • first, you need to go to eazy.dstv.com/pay website.
  • Then you fill in your mobile number and Eazy money PIN.
  • After that follow the instruction given to proceed and complete the payment.


With Payarena platform, DStv subscribers can make payments from their gadgets online or by visiting the nearest POS and ATMs. But because people can’t always have the time, the online method is the most popular. If you want to pay online using Payarena, follow these instructions:

  • Go to www.payarena.com using your mobile device 
  • Click the ‘DStv’ logo
  • Select the desired package, type in smartcard number, email address and submit this information only in one click
  • After that, choose a payment option (Visa, Mastercard) and fill in all the card details
  • Then fill in authentication code, such as iPin for Visa or Securecode for Mastercard
  • After that, your payment is completed

My Personal Assistant

You can also use the personal assistant service to pay for DStv service. With this debit service clients are able to pay on behalf of cardholders anytime they want.

  • The first step is to visit www.payarena.com using your mobile device 
  • Log into your personal account and click on My Personal Assistant
  • Then you will need to click on new payment instruction and choose DStv
  • Put in your smartcard and phone number. The phone number is needed to receive SMS notification later
  • Select the end and start dates, choose how often you want to pay for this service. Then click ‘Save’
  • Next, you need to select your payment option (Visa, Mastercard) and fill in the card details, which are needed
  • Last, but not the least is to fill in the authentication code
  • After the dates are selected, money for the subscription will be withdrawn


  • Log on to eazy.dstv.com using your mobile device 
  • Sign in using your Mobile number and Smart Card Number as required
  • After successful login to the DSTV Self Service, click the Account button > Add or Change button
  • Now you should see your current bouquet and other DSTV packages you can choose from.

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