After 18years, Apple looks set to retire their iTunes, according to reports from bloomberg on may 31st. This is

If Apple does kill off iTunes, the moment would symbolize an end of a music era. Apple introduced the platform on January 2001, as a new way of file-sharing that was both user-friendly and lawful following the legal fallout of Napster and online pirating.

MacRumors shows that Apple has cleared out its  Facebook and Instagram accounts for the program, removing all of its pictures, posts, and videos Its Twitter account remains untouched for now. this is a big sign that the days of iTunes are numbered.

However Reports in April suggested that Apple was planning to break it up in favor of separate apps for Music, Podcasts, and TV with the next version of macOS, although it is also reported that the Music app will certainly have the same functionality.

Apple kicks off its worldwide developers conference tomorrow, so we will find out more about iTunes and the new macOS.



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